release of the book "Algae. An introduction to phycology"

7 septiembre 2022

CAPES UC Center and the Editorial Committee of the Andrés Bello University invite the launch of the book Launch of the book: Algae, an introduction to phycology, In this text, the most modern hypotheses about the process of evolution of photosynthesis in the different groups of algae, and all currently recognized major lineages of algae are studied, covering the most important points of their morphology, reproduction, ecology, cell biology, evolution and economic importance. The text includes hundreds of illustrations, all original, and also includes extensive references to the most relevant publications for each topic. This book is the first work of this magnitude to be published in Spanish. Authors: Dr. Alexis M. Bellorín Romero Dr. Cristian Bulboa Accountant Dr. Loretto Contreras-Portia Present: Dr. Fabian Jaksic, National Science Award, CAPES Director Prof. María Eliana Ramírez, Former Director of the Chilean Museum of Natural History.